The Calamity of Bosnia: SREBRENICA


09efd695d07c40fb8c921b9456daf5da_18Can you imagine that you are in a calamity? Many people had had many calamities such as rebellions, revolutions, and genocides throughout the history. However, I have such a dramatic example: Srebrenica. The genocide which happened in the 1990s had many evil effects on Muslim people in Bosnia, but I am going to mention two important effects.

The first effect of the genocide is the psychological crisis. In that period, many people were kept in prison camps, beaten, raped and sold. Many women were kidnapped, especially young girls. They were raped by Serbian soldiers so as to make them give birth to children with Serbian roots. Furthermore, their families were killed in front of their eyes, and they did not want to live anymore. Naturally, their moods collapsed, and they were in the terrible situation.

The second effect of the genocide is identity conflict. In fact, Muslim Bosnian people had Slavic roots. However, Serbian people never acknowledged this situation. This conflict dated back to Kosovo War II. Once upon a time, Muslim Bosnians were under the protection of Ottoman Empire, but they became unprotected when Ottoman Empire collapsed. Namely, Serbian people wanted to take the revenge of Kosovo War II’s defeat from Muslim Bosnians in Bosnia War. Although they were not Turks, Serbian people called them as Turks. Almost every Muslim Bosnian was dragged deadlock during the war due to these events. They had identity conflict.

To put it briefly, Srebrenica was the entirely terrible calamity, and Muslim Bosnians were hurt very much. However, they always had a hope so as to be free in spite of everything. The genocide had many evil effects, but I believe that the psychological crisis and identity conflicts are more important than other effects for a person.



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