Turkish-Japanese Friendship


Flag-Pins-Turkey-JapanTurkish did not only struggle with many nations throughout the history, but they also made friends with some nations. Some nations just hated the Turkish, but some nations made friend with the Turkish. One of these nations is the Japanese. There are some events which stiffened their friendship.

The first event was the Frigate Ertugrul event. In 1889, Ottoman Empire sent Osman Pasha with his crew to Japan for a visit. The aim of the visit was to stiffen their friendship. As a result of this, after everything had been prepared, the Frigate Ertugrul finally set out. During the journey, the Turkish were met friendly in stop locations. Ultimately, the crew arrived Japan, and they had stayed for a long time. They had to repeatedly delay their return due to the cholera outbreak. Finally, when they set out, they were caught a typhoon. There was a crash, and the ship exploded. Only 69 people stayed. Many people died, and the survivors were rescued by the Japanese in an island. The Turks appreciated them for their help, and this appreciation was the first spark of their friendship.

The Turkish and Japanese friendship has lasted for a long time. However, in World War I and II, their friendship was broken, especially in World War II. They were opposite sides but respectful each other all the time. After these wars had finished, they failed to make a friendship completely again.

The second event was the event when 215 Japanese stranded in Tahran. In 1985, there was a war, Iranian-Iraq War. Saddam Husein declared that he did not only fire military planes, but he also fired civilian planes. Foreign people just had one day, and there was not ticket for the Japanese. Moreover, Japan government did not send a plane so as not be reliable. The Japanese were desperate, but finally Turkish government sent a plane for the Japanese. Many people went to Turkey by car. Therefore, the Japanese were rescued. In this way, the broken friendship started again.

To put it briefly, the Turkish and Japanese helped and visited each other throughout the history. Although we were broken during a short time, we managed to establish a friendship, and this friendship will always continue.


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